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Simplifying Packing with Wildcraft Bag Organisers or Packing cubes

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you my experience of using packing cubes. We at India mostly pack our clothes in our suitcases, sky bags or rucksacks so packing cubes are not really popular here. For me packing for a vacation or even a small trip is like an event. I keep fretting and planning and some more planning but still the fact that I need to pack my stuff does give me night mares. So to ease that anxiety I tried to learn from my Youtube Travel Guru Sonia Gill from Sonia’s Travel. Basically I search each and everything in Youtube , sometimes to learn a new way of doing it or to gain knowledge on the existing one. So while going through Youtube I came across this concept of packing your stuff in packing cubes. Globally  Eagle Creek Packing cubes are very famous for their durability and flexibility. But poor me ! Where do I get them in India so while browsing through Amazon I came across 2 reputed brands that make packing cubes

  1. AmazonBasics Packing Cubes – which is available in a set of 4 pieces of different sizes and serving different purposes priced around 1095. Sometimes they are in sale and you’ll get them for around 949 and they come in 6 different colours.

  2. Wild craft – which comes with individual packing cubes with different sizes.




So after deliberating a lot … you know how we girls keep on thinking , rethinking and finally come up with a decision and even after executing the decision we wonder whether we made the right choice. Sorry for drifting away but the point is I chose the following packing cubes from WildCraft each for me and my husband.

I chose WildCraft mainly because I have already used its big bag pack which my husband gifted me and I have literally abused it. Still it didn’t  disappoint me. That’s why I trust WildCraft for their quality. The packing cubes were orange in colour and I love orange.

    • Wildcraft Orange Bag Organizer (2 Compartment Travel Cube Orange) – Priced at Rs 499
    • Wildcraft Orange Bag Organizer (Travel Cube Orange) – Priced at Rs 349
    • Wildcraft Grey Bag Organizer (Travel Cube Mini Grey) – Priced at Rs 249

So if you are like my mother, you will obviously become sceptical of the fact whether it actually works or I simply wasted my money on some random online stuff. I have to deal with this quite often so I weigh the pros and cons.


1. Organizability –  Saves space in your luggage and also you can use them at home like I do to keep the smaller stuff like inners and handkerchiefs in place.

2. Practicality –  Saves time and effort to pack and unpack

3. Quality – Quality is very good. The mesh in wildcraft one is quite strong and not at all flimsy. Further the material of the cube itself is also sturdy and not stiff at all. You can squash them in the corners of your suitcases.

4. Flexibility – Sometimes in the smaller ones I pack my travel chargers, adapters , electronics items and when I need them I know which cube to pick up and done.

Especially I am a very “only hand baggage sort of person” and I hate rummaging through my clothes and stuff in my backpack to  grab something essential while am travelling.I remember once in security check-in I was asked to show a facial brush cleanser which was tucked deep inside my clothes and just imagine dealing with the clutter and retrieving it under heaps of clothes.


1. I don’t know whether it counts as a con but  when you carry ironed clothes in these cubes after unpacking , these may not remain intact and may get some creases.

My Experience 

In my bid to attain  perfection in packing I started using my packing cubes and boy did it save a lot of hassle and space for me !

Not only when you pack but also when you unpack you will really feel the difference.While travelling to Leh and Ladakh I used these cubes for the first time. When I reached my hotel, I just took out my cubes and laid them on the cupboard shelves and voila !! I was done with my unpacking. I am very fussed about clutter and these cubes have made my life easier. I take all my husband’s inner wear and pack them inside the smallest one and I am sorted. So do I with my ones as well. These small items are very prone to get scattered inside your luggage.

In the smallest cube I can keep upto 6 briefs which I feel is quite sufficient for both small and long trips.

Now coming to the 2 compartment cube, you can pack all your vests and night wear in one side and all your t-shirts in another.


The single cube has more depth than the dual compartment one and apt for keeping shirts , trousers or thick clothes.

What is even more handy is while coming back from your vacation you can use these to store your dirty laundry.

Pic Courtesy : Amazon.in