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Travel Packing Checklist for Women in Leh & Ladakh

Our trip to Leh & Ladakh was a very hastily planned getaway. I didn’t know whether I would get leaves but as soon as I got confirmation, me and my husband jumped right into it. We were supposed to join my parents at Leh and Ladakh from Mumbai. Since time was short I started rummaging through the ‘n’ number of sites that provided checklist. While I found many, I wasn’t sure if something specifically catered to girls. So after coming back from my trip I thought it would be helpful if I could share my experience with my readers.

Absolute Must Haves

  1. Photo ID with address proof

Passport is the best bet but if don’t want to carry your passport you can carry your Aadhar card or voter id. Pan card is not accepted as valid Photo id in some places. You will need your ids when you will go to Pangong Lake and Khardungla Pass.

2. Cash

Though you will find many ATMs near the market place but you can never be sure if they have money. So its better to carry enough cash for atleast your street shopping.

3. Water Bottle & Food

Always carry some chocolates and water bottle with you as you never know when you will feel restless. Chocolates and dry fruits are quick snacks because journeys in Leh & Ladakh are quite long. It took us 5 hours just to reach Pangong Lake and trust me the roads are under construction and your chances of getting any food while on the journey are very slim.


Weather is very unpredictable at Leh and Ladakh. When I went in the last week of July, it was quite warm in the morning when I didn’t not need any warm clothes but as the day passed by, temperature dropped and I felt the need of putting on warm clothes. So as always layering is the best bet. Besides if it starts to get windy, you will surely feel cold.

  1. Jacket – A jacket is a must and more than enough – I thought it would be very cold and got a quilted jacket from Myntra sale but sadly it was not that cold. A regular wind cheater kind of jacket will suffice if you visit in last week of July. 
  2. Jeans – You can do with 2 – 3 pairs of Jeans.
  3. T-shirts and Tops – Keep in enough numbers. All your synthetic tops will really come handy in this trip. Layer it with scarves, jackets, shrugs.
  4. Socks – You should take at least 3-4 pairs minimum as these are essential. Even if it is hot while you are going out, chances of the temperature dropping while coming back is pretty high and warm legs maintain the body heat.
  5. Cap – The sun is pretty bad here so better take a trendy cap. Good for posing and sun protection.
  6. Gloves – This is like optional. If you are like me visiting in july you won’t be needing these but still for safety one pair will be more than enough.
  7. Comfortable shoes – There will be quite a bit of walking around the monasteries in Leh. So a pair of good shoes will keep motivated for the long roads ahead.
  8. Scarf – A scarf will keep your neck snug which is the most vulnerable place to get cold.
  9. Woollen Cap – When I visited Pangyong Lake the weather was quite bearable but suddenly out of nowhere there was a strong wind making my hair go haywire. So better go for a woollen cap. What’s added is cute pictures. 
  10. Sunglasses – there is something very painful about the sun in Leh. It hits you bad and without a good pair of sunglasses you will be left with a bad headache.
  11. Umbrella – If you are that kind of a person who can’t withstand sunlight then better to carry an umbrella. It will provide you comfort under the scorching sun.


  1. Diamox 250mg

This medicine helps you to acclimatize in the high altitude of Leh Ladakh by preventing the body from storing excess water and thus helps in breathing. So keep it and take it at night or when absolutely essential as it will increase your no of visits to the washroom. You may not find clean and usable toilets everywhere specially while going to Khardungla. If you like me are flying directly to Leh then take one tablet some hours before boarding the flight so that when you reach Leh you are not thrown off balance.

  1. Coca 30 or Coca 6

This is the homeopathic alternative to Diamox

3.  Norflox TZ

For stomach upsets

4. Camphor

 Trust me this works. Keep some camphor in a small medicine box and always carry it with you. I didn’t know about it and learnt it from an Aunty who was kind enough to lend me some. Whenever you feel nauseated or dizzy or breathless, sniff the camphor, it will make you feel better.

5. Crocin or Calpol

Paracetamol for fever and body aches.

6. Bandaids


  1. Moisturizer – Take a bottle with you as your skin soaks up all the moisture and craves for more.
  2. Face cream – Since humidity is very less your skin will become dry very easily.
  3. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly – sometimes due to very dry weather the inner lining of your nose becomes taut. You can always apply some Vaseline to soothe the irritated skin.
  4. Lip balm – Lip balm is a must else chapped lips can be a pain.


  1. Dry Fruits
  2. Chocolates