My Happily Ever After

When you grow up reading lots of fairy tale chances are high that you will turn out to be a hopeless romantic. So here am I, eternally smitten by the love bug and constantly waiting for my “Happily Ever After”. So now how do you attain your “Happily Ever After”?

In my case there are many potential instances when I believed I had reached my “happily ever after” only to realise that I am still on my way. Was it when my the then boyfriend (currently my husband) Akash said he has fallen in love with me ? It was exactly what I wanted to hear having myself fallen head over heels in love with him. In fairy tales this was exactly where the story ended and I was fooled in to believing “That’s it … I have got my happy ending as well.” But it seemed fate had some other plans for me and we ended up breaking up just a week before we could celebrate our first anniversary.

I cried buckets and hated everything romantic around me. I became a sorry figure and realised I hadn’t yet reached my “Happily Ever After”. Now after a few months Akash came back to me again and thus started our second innings. Now this time around I became cautious and though I was on cloud 9, I didn’t think it was my “Happily Ever After” yet. This is how we spent 9 long years together secretly waiting for my “Happily Ever After”. In between we fought bitterly , stopped talking to each other then again came back.

In the whole process I carefully nurtured my dream of achieving “Happily Ever After”. I would often eat up Akash’s head saying how long will it take for us to be there? Our parents finally met and decided on our wedding date. Was I close to my happy ending? I waited with bated breath when I signed my marriage registry papers. Finally we became ours legally on this date 3 years ago. 5 months later we got got married socially. But we were far from our “Happily Ever After”.

For one whole year we stayed apart as Akash wasn’t able to get a transfer to Mumbai and I couldn’t go to Jamnagar leaving everything behind. While I waited for Akash’s transfer my dream of our happy ending seemed bleak as we were not getting any ray of light. Finally Akash got his transfer and so did I. While I was on my flight to Mumbai from Kolkata I finally thought I have attained my “Happily Ever After”. I stepped into Mumbai to begin a new chapter of my life and thus ended my story.

But wait a minute was it really my “Happily Ever After”? Actually our story just started. The little guy with twinkle in the eyes who managed to steal my heart without doing anything is now my husband and that we were staying together under one roof was actually unreal for me. It took me a couple of early mornings when I would wake up and find him sleeping beside me to realise that we were really together now. The feeling of happy ending was finally sinking in.  Gone were those days when I would just be content by holding his hands and taking a stroll on those bustling roads. Now we lived together and not only lived but we shared a life together helping each other in household chores , handling crazy office schedules to take out some time for each other, having dinner together after making it together.

Our late night food cravings , constant struggle to keep the house liveable, my weird recipes, his constructive criticism – Life couldn’t be happier. It was utter relief when your husband made Khichdi  after you had come home dog tired both emotionally and physically drained. Those weekends seemed to be the happiest times when I could simply toss and turn in the bed doing absolutely nothing and having takeout biriyani in lunch thereafter realising the huge calorie content and making dinner in the evenings.

While all this happened my husband expressed his desire to study further and started preparing for his GMAT exam. To study is one thing and to see somebody studying with their heart and soul to fulfil their dream is another thing. As I witnessed my husband studying I could sense the outcome as well. He was preparing for one year MBA which meant we would again be separated for another year.

Now where did my “Happily Ever After” go ? As I saw my husband coming back from his MBA interview I was torn apart between what to pray to God? Should I pray that he succeed and follow his dream or should he just stay with me happily just like the way we did ? I decided not to pray at all leaving it to God to decide.

So God decided that I need to renew my quest for attaining my “Happily Ever After “. While I was bidding good bye to my husband I felt like my heart would explode. But my heart didn’t explode as my tears defused the bomb.

Now that I am waiting for my husband to come back I find solace in the memories that we created together. The late night movies , our constant bickering , our rented apartment , his pillow , his side of the bed , his shirts and t-shirts everything just reminds me of him.

I understood that “Happily Ever After” is not one thing. Its actually those times when he would come running to meet me after a long time, his taking a stand for me when I desperately needed someone by my side. It was when he would console me that its just a matter of time that we again found our marital bliss. It was when he would let me sleep endlessly in the weekends not just for me but so that I don’t nag him to clean the house. It was when his face would light up seeing me after a long day. It was when he would give me a reassuring hug that everything would fall into places. It is when despite of hating him so much I would hopelessly fall in love with him  again.

Wasn’t it happiness that I felt when my husband ran to catch my office bus so that I wouldn’t miss it or when his egg curry tasted better than mine after learning how to cook from me?

I know when he reads it there will be more grammatical mistakes to discuss than wishful thinking. But isn’t it why I love him so much ? He is fussily fuss free if you know what I mean.

So Mr Basu , here’s Cheers to our 3 years of being legally bound to each other. Don’t think I won’t complain any more. I plan to enjoy my journey to the “Happily Ever After” while eating your head on the way.


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  1. Brilliantly expressed Gola!! Love you and wish you both unending years of togetherness! God bless you both! Much love and wishes.

  2. You are such good writter, i didnt know that. It’s really nice article, i would suggest you to become full time writter and i wish you get your mojo again and again.

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