Best Friend’s Wedding

1st Jan 2017

So the fact is my best friend Jyoty is getting married,  and it gives me ample reasons to get excited. Excited is a little word … actually I’m thrilled. When you grow up together and see your best friend getting all decked up and married , it makes you emotional. And you want no leaves unturned. This being the case I am getting ready for d-day. Not only she but I have to look my best as her wedding might be the last time we all friends will come together and celebrate. Now  in a Marwari-Bihari wedding there has to be lots of oomph and that needs to reflect in me as well.

Being a four day affair at least I would need 4 outfits one each for

  1. Sangeet
  2. Mehndi
  3. Haldi
  4. Wedding

Haldi and Mehndi being  home affair I am not that stressed about my outfits. But sangeet and wedding sure are giving me the jitters.

19th Jan 2017

19 days have passed and I don’t know what I am wearing for the sangeet which is the prime cause of my concern. The good news is that – I got myself a lehenga for the wedding. Will reveal it soon. I am having million doubts whether its a little too simple for the wedding. But as you know I am the bride’s best friend so I will probably have to do a lot of running so keeping it light is a safe bet.

In my last bestie’s wedding I couldn’t master the art of posing for the perfect shot. End result being my never ending regret of not prepping for the photoshoot. So this time around I am leaving no stones unturned. Let me give you a glimpse of what poses we friends are going to strike at Jyoty’s wedding.


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